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What Is Interactive Video? Learn How To Get Started Now | Video

Have you been wondering what is interactive video? I hope to clarify in this video and blog post.

Interactive Video or “IV” is a type of digital video allowing for a more personalized and unique viewer experience by letting people interact with the video itself. The traditional static video allows for a monologue whereas IV allows for a dialogue, a two-way conversation. Interactive video is ultimately about creating an emotional connection with your viewer. It’s about giving them options and the ability to create a tailored and engaging experience through various tools and buttons such as hotspots, branching, menus with chapters, and more.

To some people, IV is a bit intimidating. In reality, if you’ve watched YouTube, Hulu, or Netflix videos, then you have used it.

The Skip Ad button inside of YouTube or the SKIP INTRO button at the beginning of NETFLIX videos are both interactive elements allowing for user engagement beyond pressing play or stop. So you, your customers, prospects, employees, students, or anyone else watching videos on either of these platforms are already familiar with IV – the difference is it’s finally getting a label and being used on a mainstream level. Welcome!

Some Interactive Tools/ Features

HotSpots; invisible, clickable areas you place over an element edited into your video which perform a customizable action when clicked.

Branching; also known as “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure.” Allows the viewer to seamlessly jump from video to video or, with in-video branching, from point to point.

Menus with Chapters; Chapterize your videos and add a menu to help your viewers easily navigate by chapters or sections of your choice.

Netflix currently has a few shows with branching experiences such as Stretch Armstrong; The Breakout. Hulu utilizes branching, or what I like to call Choose-Your-Own-Ad, at the beginning of shows. They allow the viewer to decide which ads they’ll watch before the show starts.

 Hulu Choose Your Own Ad Interactive Video Experience

How To Get Started With Interactive Video?

Now that we’ve answered your question ‘what is interactive video’ you probably want to give it a shot. Well first things first, I’d suggest coming up with a game plan before jumping right in. What is the purpose of your video? Why did you create it? For general entertainment purposes? For educational or training needs? Whatever it is, you can use IV to help achieve more viewer engagement. I will create a more thorough post with the most important steps you need to consider taking when creating an IV, but for now, I suggest you click here to demo the HapYak Interactive Video platform, or here for Wirewax’s interactive tool, two premier interactive solutions you can use to get started on your own interactive journey.

Hopefully, this video and blog post has given you a better idea of what Interactive Video is and how you can get started. This is just the beginning, and I’m excited to have you on board. Don’t forget to follow the FaceBook page and our monthly newsletter to make sure you stay up to date. And of course, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please reach out here.

And before I call it a night I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on Interactive Video. I’m clearly a fan but are you as excited about it as I am? Why or why not? And when do you think interactive digital content will become the norm? Or maybe we won’t ever get to that point?!? Comment down below with your thoughts and questions.

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