How to create branching outline with google forms choose your own adventure
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How to Make A Branching Outline in Google Forms for Free – 20 Steps

Learn how to make a Branching Outline in Google Forms for Free in 20 Steps

We’ve already discussed what is branching video or Choose-Your-Own-Adventure themes but how do you get started with creating them? Sometimes it might be tempting to just jump in there and start filming, but that won’t be the case with branching scenarios. Like many things in life, this can be incredibly time-consuming without a plan of attack. Having some sort of outline will help you to be more organized and efficient with your time so you should absolutely come up with an outline or script.

There are tons of ways for you to develop the outline of your branching experience but one particular approach is with Google Forms. Google forms are free and it’s pretty easy to use after you do it once or twice. Other solutions involve the old fashion pen and paper or paying a few dollars a month for software like Lucid Charts. Watch the above instructional how-to video and/or follow along with the 20 steps written below.

Step by Step Guide to help you Build A Branching Outline or Choose-Your-Own-Adventure script with Google Forms

Step 1. Go to Google Forms website

Step 2. Click on Blank Document

Step 3. Title Your Project

Step 4. Fill in the description with either the author or project summary

Step 5. In the Question column, set up your scene or make it the introduction along with the dilemma or cross-road that the participant will be facing.

Step 6. Change type of question to Multiple Choice

Step 7. Click on Option 1 and add the first option

Step 8. Click Add Option and add the next option

Step 9. Repeat as necessary

Step 10. Click the Required button in the bottom right

Step 11. In the bottom right, click the three dots icon and click Go to section based on the answer

Step 12. In edit bar on right, click add section

Step 13. Rename section title to match Option 1 in step 7

Step 14. Repeat step 12 and 13 for the different multiple choice options in step 8 and 9

Step 15. After adding your sections and updating the title, either add additional multiple choice questions to repeat the branching experience or fill in the description

Step 16. Under each section, change to the appropriate field, which will usually be what the viewer should see next after they make their choice

Step 17. Press Send in the top right corner

Step 18. Grab your embed code and add into your WordPress, Wix, or whatever website

Step 19. You can see the results when you are in the edit panel and click on the RESPONSES tab

Step 20. Enjoy the fruits of your labor

Let me know if you have any questions or if you’re using some other software to develop your branching scenarios.

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