2018 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit

The 2018 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit | Video Interviews

A few weeks ago was the 2018 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit. It looks like it was an amazing opportunity to network and learn from industry leaders and experts. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s been in the game for a while, or you’re just getting started out I’d highly recommend watching these interviews for some new words of wisdom. And don’t worry if you are tight on time, I added an interactive menu with chapters to help you easily navigate the longer interviews. You can add interactive menu’s with chapters to any video you want but instructional/ training videos, interviews, or any long-form video are best.

Entrepreneurs Summit; Some Motivation From Mark Cuban, Keeping it 100 with Byron Allen And Mastering the Business Presentation with Jonathan Sprinkles

In these videos, you will hear from the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, the CEO of Entertainment Studios Byron Allen, Grand Hustle Records Founder T.I., Black Enterprises CEO Earl “Butch” Graves, Mayors Vi Lyles and Stephen Benjamin among others. As you will notice, I created the interactive experience above which features a bunch of individual videos inside of it. 

This first video is of T.I. talking about starting his joint venture and how he got a $2.5 million deal with Atlantic. “That was the beginning of me building my own label, and I haven’t looked back. But that’s how I learned to own your masters and joint ventures versus P&Ds.”

Janice Bryant Howroyd “setting a culture to how we work. My family culture has always been one of support.”

You can view Day 1 interviews, including Mark Cuban. “There’s somebody out there it could be a twelve-year-old girl, it could be an 80-year-old man, trying to kick your ass and take that business away from you”. Here is where I use the interactive menu with chapters feature which will help you easily navigate the video.

You can watch the Byron Allen interview here “You didn’t even have a Chief Diversity Officer. You didn’t even spend $80,000 a year, put somebody in the closet, and pretend you cared about diversity.”

2017 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit – The Key to Sales Presentations

And there were a bunch of jewels in last year’s event too. During the Networking Session seminar Jonathan Sprinkles, author of Presentation Power, gave us valuable insight on delivering an effective presentation. Mr. Sprinkles began by saying “presentations that connect, are the most profitable hour in all of business”. I found this especially significant for any BDR’s/RDR’s, Account Executives, and Entrepreneurs, basically, anyone selling a product or service. He takes a deeper dive into this by elaborating on the importance of stressing your why and explaining the opportunity cost which is the price your prospect pays if they don’t take action right now. I’m clearly not doing his presentation any justice so definitely watch it during lunch or on your commute home. 

Jonathan Sprinkles “When I made an A they said you actin white – like there’s something real black about flunken.”

I know how easy it is to get derailed or fall in a slump, therefore, hearing from these great entrepreneurs should give you some new ideas, or motivation to get moving in the right direction. Now, as usual, I’m curious to hear from you.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on Diversity and Inclusion in corporate America circa 2018 and 2019. Without making this political, what do you think about the current state of minorities in corporate America, not only in general but especially in leadership roles? Did Byron Allen have a valid point that enterprises should at least act like they care, let alone actually caring about D&I?

Or, what are your thoughts on Jonathan Sprinkles presentation, do you stress the pain enough? After listening to this, I think it’s fair to say that I have room for improvement, but how about you? Comment down below with your thoughts or any additional advice that you would like to contribute towards the conversation.

And click here if you would like to learn more about some of the interactive features used in these videos.

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