Affordable Microphones for Smartphone Interactive Video Review

Affordable Microphones for your Audio Phone Recording – Interactive Video Review

Affordable Microphones For Less Than $30!

Always keeping an eye to the streets, before going to bed last night I saw that someone in the Facebook Group ‘Youtube Creators and Video Marketing’ was asking for help with recording audio on their iPhone. Well, I actually filmed and produced a video review on affordable microphones for iPhones or Androids a little while back. So I pulled up my Youtube page to find this video, jumped into HapYak and got to work giving this static video a new life.

Using interactive video solutions like HapYak Go allows you to transform your pre-existing video into an engaging interactive experience. I chapterized this video with a menu, added an in-video quiz, and of course included direct links to the products. So anytime you see the blue Buy Now button it’s actually clickable! This will help viewers have the opportunity to almost personalize the experience and with finding what they care about most.

If you are on a tight budget and don’t have much money to invest into your audio needs or if you need some spare backup mics than I’d suggest using one of these. So whether you are new to video and audio production or if your veteran with over 20 years experience, these are great options to have in your back pocket without breaking the bank.

Watch this interactive video review to help you decide if the Gora Microphone, Miracle Sound Delux Microphone, or the Eaton Productions Microphone are suitable for your needs.

And FYI, I still use these mics and continue to recommend them. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any newer options that are even better. If you need something fast and cheap, definitely give this video a go.

Learn more about interactive video here.

Hope you found this helpful. Let me know if you have any new questions and don’t forget to connect on my new facebook page that is exclusively dedicated to those of you interested in interactive video content –


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